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Buying advice

Remember guys, bike is something very special may it be new or old. So be very specific, demanding and take good care of your bike.


Attn: used bike Buyer

If you want a  good bike for a reasonable price, it is a great idea to buy a used bike. Sometimes used bikes are more valuable than new bikes because new bikes depreciate in value within the first day. Example, If you are buying an R15, then you are spending around Rs.10,000 on a single day! Even if you sell it on the second day, you can do it for only 90% of the purchase price. Buying a used bike involves patience, disconnection from your emotions and using your logic and knowledge to make the right buying decision! The Indian second hand bikes market has grown leaps and bounds over the years. Many people are going for second hand bikes rather than buying brand new ones. As far as the cost is concerned, second hand bikes are a good choice. But what precautions one has to take when buyinga second hand bike?  Some of the precautions and tips while buying a second hand bike would include:

Check the bike's documents:  The first thing one has to do is to check the documents of the bike pertaining to road tax, original buying documents, insurance and registration. Check all the other documents to check the legality of the motorcycle you intend to buy. Checkup: Employ an Expert or mechanic to check whether some sort of a tampering is done with bike you intend to buy. Also ask them to deep check the engine and other parts and estimate the remaining life of the bike.  Also, prefer buying the motorcycle straight from the owner. Care should also be taken not to indulge in inter state buying and selling.

Test drive a must:
Before you make any decision, always test drive the machine yourself. A test drive will explain you to go or not to go further in the deal. Start engine in cold conditions, if there is a starting problem then check the gears. It is recommended to ride the vehicles in all gears before buying and see that the engine makes no noise. If it makes noise like those of a striking chord, vibration and cracks there definitely is a problem with the engine. Above mentioned are the primary precautions you should see before buying a second hand motorcycle.

My experience is regarding the purchase of used bike. After some decent research I had spent two days inspecting 110 bikes across 25 shops. To my shock I didn’t find a single good brand under the budget of 20,000. However, you can test drive the bike. I would advice going with brands Hero Honda or Bajaj, as they have a good resale value and have ample service centers. My choice had been Pulsar 150, a 2003 model and it was up for grabs for Rs. 28,000, and a 2005 Pulsar 150 DTSi was quoted at Rs. 30,000. Hero Honda models such as Passion Plus and Super Splendor were offered in the range of Rs. 35,000.A Pulsar 150 DTSi 2006 model had some neatly maintained looks and had a fancy number . I test drove the model but found that the bike was giving a knocking while on ride. I also observed that the bike was dragged to left when driving. I believed that these problems would hardly be there once I get it serviced. The 2006 bike was priced at Rs. 36,000 and open for negotiations.

I had almost made up to pay for this and asked for the original papers. Make sure you take a look at original papers before closing the deal.You can do a survey keeping some parameters as standard for any brand and model: They will be:

  1. Year of make
  2. Approximate cost
  3. Kilometers run
  4. Documents: Yes/No
  5. Insurance : Up-to-date/not paid
  6. Road Tax: Up-to-date/not paid
  7. Looks: Good/Average/Bad
  8. Dealer Details

Keep on filling the details as and when you see and then zero down on the bikes. After making a list, relax and forget everything about bikes. Take your pet for a walk or watch your favorite star’s movie. Then erase those notions of first love about some suspicious bikes; good looks are not all in bikes.

Following is the criteria and areas to inspect while buying used bikes. I recommend that you take a print out of this list and take it with you so that you can use it as a checklist.

Scratches (if any) on the bike

  1. Headlight strength
  2. Indicator lights
  3. Tail lights
  4. Brakes functioning
  5. Suspension (to check this you need to test drive on bumpy road)
  6. Fuel tank (open the fuel tank lid and check for dirt and sediments inside the tank)
  7. Speedometer
  8. Wear and tear of tyres (it gives the kind of handling previous user had on the bike)
  9. Locking system
  10. Any loans, if yes how much is to be cleared
  11. Gear sound (whether gear shift is clunky or smooth)
  12. Foot rest
  13. Seat comfort level
  14. Bike pull
  15. Abnormal sounds if any
  16. Silent firing
  17. Upper /dipper
  18. Duplicate keys (Make sure you know its not lost anytime)
  19. Grip
  20. Mud guard internals
  21. Disk brake functioning
  22. Owner’s NOC
  23. Stand/side stand operation
  24. Chassis number (verify if the number on RC book and that on the vehicle match)
  25. Engine number
  26. First start (a cold engine should start in 2 kicks minimum) and second start (thumb rule: it should start in 1 kick.)
  27. Rust if any and on which part of bike
  28. Smooth steering
  29. Space between brakes (this is not a big thing though)
  30. Leather and rim

I did some research online for tips on buying used bikes. These are the best tips which I found extremely useful when actually short listing a bike:

Also should ask everything about bike. It is fine ask the owner why he is selling the bike to

  • My tips did not end, here are a few more:

    • Always buy bikes in broad day light.
    • Always keep a casual and confident approach while buying bikes.
    • Never ever believe the sweet praises about any one bike (maybe they are tipped for doing that job). Test ride and decide for yourself.
    • On many instances the bike will be serviced to look good for test drives. Persuade the dealer for a longer test drive say 50 km on road of your choice. It does not hurt to bear petrol and time expenses.
    • Always have a couple of bike savvy buddies test drive the bike. They can give you different view points.
    • I took the mechanic at the showroom in total confidence and he advised me to ignore some bikes.
    • Anything fishy about the bike, dealer, and money transfer issues just leave the shop. There are many shops you can explore still.

    Remember guys, bike is something very special may it be new or old. So be very specific, demanding and take good care of your bike.

    Now that after coming through so many gimmicks, I prefer share my experience in buying a second hand bike, it is your turn to give your thoughts.

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